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Friday, October 30, 2009

Brenda's Photo Challenge! Poem: Halloween Witch


Halloween Witch

She rides through the night
by the light of the moon,
the Halloween Witch,
on her magical broom!

And always beside her
the black cat will stay,
to help with the mischief
and tricks she will play.

They're partners in mischief
who fly through the night,
causing much trouble
and causing much fright!

If you're out on this night,
I warn you, "Beware!"
They're sure to be waiting
to give you a scare!

Watch out for those two!
They are sure to be seen,
out, making their mischief
on this Halloween!

June Kellum
(written in 60s for my kids)

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Poem: We Won't Have This Day Again



We Won’t Have This Day Again

The summer days are swiftly passing.
Another fall will soon be here.
Winter enters, with a flurry,
and soon is gone - another year!

As we age, the years seem shorter.
In a flash, the days go by.
We come to know our limitations -
if not all the reasons why!

We pick and choose our undertakings…
the things we do from day to day.
We try to fill the empty spaces,
of what we’ve missed along the way.

We know, fully, time is fleeting,
with no way to reign it in!
We take each day and what it offers!
We won’t have this day again!

June Kellum

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Watery Wednesday ~ 10~27-'09 (and a poem)


Go to link below to find other WW posts!


It's Watery Wednesday time again and for this time I'm doing a re-run of one of my earliest posts on my first blog!

Poem: Reflections

...This little poem - though, not correct in form- says a lot about the changes in our lives...


These days I seldom witness
children lying in the grass,
gazing skyward, making figures of the clouds.

This is of the past!

Flowers of the meadow,
mostly, go un-noticed and un-picked.
Lost now, to the masses!
Replaced by games - hand-held-
of flickering figures, fighting, flickering figures!

What a trick!

Is summer still enticing,
with sprinklers slinging water in luscious swirls?
With children dressed in summer garb
to frolic, roll and tumble;

Was this another world?

Do families still take meals together,
with all TV screens and games shut down, momentarily?
Is there sharing of the happenings of the day, of one and all?
Sadly, I would have to say,

” No, not ordinarily!”

June Kellum
June 12, 2005

I remember spending lots of time, looking at the clouds and picking wildflowers, when I was a child!

The photo is of my own kids-Tammy, Tina and Chris- in mid 1960s-in Miami, Florida

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Friday, October 02, 2009

Pondering...( a re-post from Junie's Place)

Sunday, December 09, 2007



This is nothing to do with Christmas...nothing to do with anything at all- just some random thoughts I've had recently.


Isn’t life strange?

It escapes me completely, sometimes...
Still, at times I think I have a handle on things...JUST SOMETIMES... not often enough to make a difference, really!

The people who enter into my life are a mystery ...a puzzle never to be completed. Some of the essential pieces are missing... chewed up and swallowed by the hounds of times passed!

A safe, cool, calm place is where I, so, long to be!

Yet, here am I, caught up in working puzzles with missing pieces!

Junie Rose
Nov 2007

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