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Friday, January 26, 2007

Poem: A Winter Day

A Winter Day

Another day that’s filled with gray.
The sun will not appear!
It seems that Winter’s here to stay,
and Spring is nowhere near.

Snowflakes glisten on the ground,
on every bush and tree…
frosty mornings , colder nights…
yet, beautiful to see!

It’s beauty cannot be denied,
but soon we’ve had our fill…
and long for Robins, in the Spring,
and the lovely Daffodil!

June Kellum

Feb. 1974

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Poem: My Nights Are Long

My Nights Are Long

My nights are long and lonely.
So many thoughts invading.
Rendering nil and useless,
my feeble stabs at sleep.

Thoughts scuttling, to and fro,
of all the words we’ve spoken…
yet, many more left dangling-
unborn - or buried deep.

Past phrases leap and frolic.
Unanswered questions linger.
Meanings lost in limbo,
the two of us have found.

Be still! My weary soul
is needing rest and solace.
Still, endlessly, the memories
continue swirling ‘round!

At last, sleep is descending;
so deep that dreams can‘t follow.
And for the moment resting
- the puzzle - ‘You and Me.’

This welcomed rest I covet,
embrace it, seek to hold it!
For these fleeting hours…
I know that I am free.

June Kellum

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