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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Poem: Today I Feel So Restless (a Re-post-again!)

~Re-post from 2006~

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Poem: Today I Feel So Restless & To blog or Not to blog

To blog or Not to blog....

...that is the question!

And the answer probably should be NO for today, since I'm in such a down mood. I feel like I am just floundering with no direction !

One reason is I had a restless night- bad dreams!
... And , someone , please tell me dreams do not mean anything!!! If they do I'm in Big trouble!

Looking out my window I see lots of things to make me feel happy! It's a perfect spring day- the kind that usually brings a smile to my face! Maybe the day can eventually work it's magic on me! I hope so!

I am listening to Jackson Browne today and although I love his music he tends to write sad lyrics so maybe it's not my best choice for today!

Could be worse though, I could be playing Leonard Cohen :)

( a feeble attempt at a joke- so things are looking up!! :) )


...a sad poem to fit my mood...

Today I Feel So Restless

Today I feel so restless, with nothing calling me.
Nothing grabs my interest, or guides me to explore.
There’s naught I want to do - no folks I want to see.
So I’ll pull my shades and stay behind my door!

There are stacks of books I’ve hoarded, for days just like today,
and music I’ve been meaning to give a listen to.
There are phone calls I should make, and bills that I could pay!
But my life’s on Hold, because I’m missing you!

It’s, so, like a paralysis, this inability.
I find it all so taxing… to move myself along.
The simple chores of living are not what they should be,
becoming worse each day that you are gone.

I’ll make it through this day. I know I will, somehow.
Tomorrow - I might be with you again.
Just seeing you once more, will change my WOE to smiles.
Until that time this loneliness will win!

June Kellum

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