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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Poems: 'Me' & 'Fantasy'

Some new poems!




The heart of a poet.
The ways of a child.
The will of the weary,
who’s reached her last mile.

The soul of the lonely,
yet, still in the game;
just wanting fulfillment...
not fortune or fame.

A woman who loves
and who’s willing to give;
who’s seeking contentment...
a good life to live.

The heart of a poet
The ways of a child.
The will of the weary,
still walking the mile


June Kellum
April, 2008



I put my feelings on the line.
I put my heart out, in plain view.
I lavished love, so willingly...
the only way I knew.

Defenses left along the way.
In shattered heaps they’re lying, still.
And what was me - my heart - my soul -
was there for you to fill.

I put my all, there on the line.
My past I left, without a care.
Mountains crossed and bridges burned...
all on a hope and prayer.

That hope and prayer are flimsy now.
The love I nurtured, cannot be.
The dream was mine and mine alone...
but just a fantasy.

June Kellum
April, 2008

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