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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Poem: The Ones We Love


The Ones We Love

The years have gone so quickly!
Unseeing - unaware-
we stood in our own ignorance,
blind to what was there.

Basking in the moment,
of love - security!
Not noticing the changes,
we now, so plainly see.

We thought because we loved them,
(and always let them know)
that fact would help in smoothing
the ways they chose to go.

They’re flung into life’s fickleness,
not tethered anymore.
Each day we see they’ve drifted
much farther than before.

We fight this helpless feeling...
( no longer can deny…)
that we can’t help them anymore,
no matter how we try.

June Kellum
August 6, 2006

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