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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Words Said ~ ( a repeat )

The Words Said

The words said…sometimes so harsh and cruel.

They leave scars that never fully heal.

They crust over with a covering, superficial,

that only serves, from others, to conceal.

Still, the wound is there below the surface,

and subject to eruptions, evermore.

The careless deeds and hurtful words once spoken,

prevent the healing of this hidden sore.

Words flung out in anger are like daggers.

They pierce the soul and penetrate the heart.

Deflating any feelings of wellbeing.

Leaving loneliness that never will depart.

Still, we search for simple understanding…

make excuses - try to rationalize.

And every time the scab, again, is broken

it manages to take us by surprise.

June Kellum

Sept 2005

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