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Friday, June 06, 2008

Poem: Anything Will Do

... a new posting of an old poem.


Anything Will Do

Come talk to me, my love,

about the oceans blue-

the fishes swimming in them-

and the dolphins, too!

Or politics - the price of gas-

or places we could go!

We’ll talk of summer’s stifling heat,

and how you long for snow!

We’ll talk birds or butterflies!

Chicken vs. beef!

Pizza - thick or thin crust?

How many hours we sleep!

We’ll talk of songs we cherish!

The bands we love to hear!

The current book we’re reading.

The people we hold dear.

We can talk of favorite sports…

the ones we like the most!

Or even supernatural stuff!

(“Hey, do you believe in ghosts?”)

We can talk of silly things-

trivial or absurd!

Or, events that are earth shattering…

the worst we’ve ever heard!

We’ll share things that have passed us,

or what’s happening today!

Because there’s trust between us,

there’s nothing we can’t say.

Come talk to me, my love.

We’ll talk Artichokes, or Corn!

Or the stars above us, twinkling.

Or how the universe was born.

June Kellum - 2005

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