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Monday, March 24, 2014

Poem: "A Kitten's Ball Of String"


A Kitten's Ball Of String

The words we say, confusing, and tangled with emotions;
like string balls kittens play with, becoming loose and frayed.

Our threads of conversation, can roll in all directions,
causing knots; encumbering the progress we have made.

Thoughtful consideration with words we use conveying
the things of most importance,  not carelessly to fling.

The words we say may lead us into unplanned confrontations-
guarding our emotion stops a kitten’s ball of string!

June Kellum
March 20, 2014

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Poem: Steps To The Rest Of My Life

Travels through life...

Steps To The Rest Of My Life

Today I will pause on the way to tomorrow,
reflecting on yesterday.

I’ll examine the reasons for my pain and my sorrow-
determine which debts to repay!

I’ll retrace the steps that led me so far,
to this cold place of darkness and fear.

And I’ll slay the dragons - if they still exist -
and the demons that invited me here!

I’ll leave them in ashes and never look back,
get rid of the pain and the strife.

I’ll, tentatively, take my first steps to the future-
those steps to the rest of my life.

June Kellum- Feb. 2004


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Come With Me, My Love


"Come With Me, My Love"

Come with me, my love

along the sandy shore.

We’ll watch the perfect sunset,

like none we’ve known before.

We’ll savor every moment,

enclosed in our embrace,

and watch the fading sun rays

until there is no trace!

We’ll walk the sun-warmed beaches,

until the evening’s chill

begins to turn us homeward…

with our promises to fill.

June Kellum

July, 2005

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Words We Say- ( Kittens)



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Monday, October 22, 2012

Poem: Patchwork Of My Life

  1. (Note: I was reminded of this poem when I saw the quote below posted on someone's FB page)

    From my Face Book page..
    ...and this reminded me of this poem I wrote-oh, so many years ago...proving that changes are ALWAYS going on in our lives!

    Patchwork Of My Life

    Looking back upon my life

    I see a crazy-quilt design.
    Bits and pieces held in place
    by a thread so very fine.

    Each patch of the pattern shown

    represents a span in time.
    Different friends and other loves,
    a separate life that once was mine!

    Looking backward on the past,

    to recall a memory,
    I find it foreign to me now,
    as if that girl just wasn’t me!

    Yet, it’s sad to realize,

    the past will be forever gone.
    What has happened must remain,
    whether it was right or wrong.

    Past mistakes cannot be changed,

    but just complete their own design,
    to the patchwork of your life,
    to be reviewed from time to time!

    June Kellum


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Poem: Letting Go

Letting Go

I thought I glimpsed in you
a thing so sweet and pure...
endearing to the heart
 as babies’ smiles can be.

I held close that illusion,
kept it safe - secure-

 still, the truth was there
and  struggled to be free.

I pushed away all doubts.
Tuned out unwanted vibes.
I culled through all your words
and kept a few to treasure.

I never lost the faith.
I never gave up trying,
or hoping that the pain
 would be outweighed by pleasure.

Sleep, now, is slow in coming, 

still, when it comes you’re there,
 until- again- behind
your armored walls you flee!

Just as you are in daylight-
enclosed in walls of stone-

 the doorway hidden well,
so no one can see.

I feel the time is nearing
when I must set you free...
to let go of my dreams
and all of my illusions.

My days, I find, are muddled.
My mind is in a whirl!
…So weary of this pain
and living in confusion.

June Kellum~2005

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Poem: The World Rolls By

"The World Rolls By"

This year...
I’ve known some changes,
more than I did expect;
much more than I could welcome
-or imagine or predict.

The things I took for granted,
that brought smiles to my face
-and made me feel so warm, secure-
no longer are in place.

Oh, change can be expected,
no longer will I doubt,
or hold on to a fantasy...

(That’s not what life’s about!)

nor look through rosy glasses,
regardless of the hue!
I’ll face the world with open eyes...
accepting what is true.

The world rolls by for others,
as if things are the same...
But do they suffer silently...
as lives are rearranged?

June Kellum
March 10, 2012

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