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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Poem: Love Can Be


Love Can Be

Love can be heavy, like a stone…
to drag you down…to make you weep.
Sometimes you trip, sometimes you fall,
if love’s too dense or piled too steep.

Love can be tiresome along the way.
Sometimes you wish you were alone…
free of all those barricades,
along this road you both are on.

Love can be clinging - like a vine-
securely tangle… tightly hold!
Sometimes you feel you cannot breathe-
as so snugly, love enfolds.

Love can be arrogant - so unkind-
filled with jealousy and spite.
You’re baffled by the changing scene…
and sometimes have the urge for flight.

Still… often love is soft and sweet,
as if the trials were just a test.
And, sometimes love can be so grand,
it tends to cancel out the rest!

June Kellum

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