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Monday, October 22, 2012

Poem: Patchwork Of My Life

  1. (Note: I was reminded of this poem when I saw the quote below posted on someone's FB page)

    From my Face Book page..
    ...and this reminded me of this poem I wrote-oh, so many years ago...proving that changes are ALWAYS going on in our lives!

    Patchwork Of My Life

    Looking back upon my life

    I see a crazy-quilt design.
    Bits and pieces held in place
    by a thread so very fine.

    Each patch of the pattern shown

    represents a span in time.
    Different friends and other loves,
    a separate life that once was mine!

    Looking backward on the past,

    to recall a memory,
    I find it foreign to me now,
    as if that girl just wasn’t me!

    Yet, it’s sad to realize,

    the past will be forever gone.
    What has happened must remain,
    whether it was right or wrong.

    Past mistakes cannot be changed,

    but just complete their own design,
    to the patchwork of your life,
    to be reviewed from time to time!

    June Kellum