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Monday, May 29, 2006

Poem: I'll Be The Moth

St.Augustine Lighthouse
St.Augustine, Fl

I’ll Be The Moth

I’ll be the moth,
if you’re the flame.
I’ll seek the warmth
you offer me.
You’ll be my guiding light,
on shore,
if I’m the ship that’s
lost at sea.
I’ll be the flowers-
you, the rain.
What would have withered
now will grow.
You’ll be the song
that’s in my heart.
I’ll find a way
to let you know.

June Kellum


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Poem: Tears


Tears to scald my eyes
keep coming, un-invited!
Pain to sear my heart
invading, un-expected!

Words to wound my soul
keep flowing, flowing, ever
from the one I’ve loved for always,

Hurt, so deep and dark.
Mistrust forever growing.
Doubt forever showing.
Love- our love- escaping.

My Love, “Is our love leaving?”
“As lost as sleep we’re missing,
lying close - not touching-
but tossing sleeplessly?”

June Kellum
March 3, 2003

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Poem: Just As A Flower Withers remind us
that EVERYTHING worthwhile
requires a little work...

Just As A Flower Withers

Just as a flower withers,
deprived of proper care,
so will love, neglected,
begin to fade away.

Needing only nourishment
- essential to excel-
still, sometimes the price
is more than we can pay.

Or more than we are willing …
more effort to extend…
more of ourselves required
than we’re prepared to give.

So love is left to falter,
to die from dire neglect
…just as a garden flower-
forgotten- cannot live!

June Kellum


Rose- 'Cary Grant'

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Poem: The Words We Say

These few words are recent.

The picture is from 1969.

(click on picture to enlarge)

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Poem: Deaf Girl's Tribute To The Birds

...for Mom and others in our family...

A Deaf Girl’s Tribute to the Birds

Because she can not hear your song,
your ‘Beauty’ is more profound!
She watches all your movements,
from tree tops to the ground!

Yet, only in her memory
is your sweet trilling, ringing-
from every bush and tree top-
the song she knows you’re singing!

Because she can not hear your song,
her eyes must compensate…
behold the wonder of you…
your beauty - celebrate!

And as she watches, joyously,
as near her you are winging-
she hears again, in memory,
the song she knows you’re singing!

June Kellum

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Random Thoughts 5-12-06


Poem: How Do Things Just Slip Away?

(previously posted at Junie's Place)

How Do Things Just Slip Away?

How do things just slip away?
Blink your eyes and all has changed.
What was known, just yesterday,
has now been re-arranged.

Looking back on all the years,
those times, again, I long to hold.
All has changed - my children grown-
and, suddenly -
I am old!

And now I have to find new roads,
search out new goals to keep in sight.
…find new ways to spend my time,
however trivial or trite!

Playing ‘catch-up’ in my life-
while seeking joy and happiness-
is sometimes hard and full of strife.
…Sometimes exciting, nonetheless!

I look for beauty in each day.
The blanks I’ve missed, I try to fill.
The music, lost along the way,
now, I’m trying to make real!

Songs, unsung, books, unread
and friends to share in these, I’ve found!
Still, this way’s a little strange…
This new road on which I’m bound!

Things do change, time slips away.
…And in a blink, I find I’m old…
Time weighs heavy on my heart.
And trite and trivial are my goals.

June Kellum
July 2005


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Poem: There's a Place I'm Searching For

...a poem of discontent...
(Previously posted at Junie's Place)

There’s a Place I’m Searching For

There’s a place I’m searching for,
to hide away, escape this cold.
A place where I may lose the pain,
that has engulfed my soul.

I’ll hide away within those walls.
A mighty fortress will not bend…
will drive away the pain and strife,
before it can descend.

Oh, peaceful rest, to soothe my heart.
And time to ponder what has been-
to lick my wounds- to get in touch
with ME… to start again.

To gather strength where all seemed lost.
Hold tight to what is left of me.
Protect my eyes from hurting rays,
‘til softer light I see.

I’ll linger there until the time
when I can face the world once more.
I’ll stay there, safe, until I’m healed,
and stronger than before.

June Kellum