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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Poem_ "Tears"

(posted on FB)


Tears to scald my eyes
keep coming, uninvited!
Pain to sear my heart-
invading, unexpected!

Words to wound my soul
keep flowing, flowing ever
from the one I’ve loved for always,

Hurt, so deep and dark,
mistrust forever growing,
doubt forever showing,
love-our love- escaping.

My Love-is our love leaving…
as lost as sleep we’re missing,
lying close -not touching-
but tossing sleeplessly?

June Kellum
March 3, 2003

    • Life is a mix of Happy and SAD moments and we experience all of it if we live long enough! Strangely, tho, the sad times often come early in life and things 'even-out ' as we get older!
      ...THAT'S a cheery thought - yes?? :)

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